About Us

      P&J Development is a family owned enterprise developing land that has been in the family for generations. Our goal is to develop our land in a way that enhances the community and will provide good neighborhoods for many future generations of Jonesboro homeowners. We develop attractive residential lots for sale to families who plan to build their own homes, immediately or someday in the future, and to homebuilders building spec houses to meet the demands of Jonesboro's growth.

Lots for Every Budget

      P&J offers a full range of lot choices in three subdivisions including starter home lots in its Prospect Farm Subdivision, mid value lots in the Casey Cove Subdivision, or a lot for your ultimate dream home at Sloan Lake Estates.

Craig McDaniel Real Estate

      P&J Development works closely with Craig McDaniel in the development of our property and the marketing of our lots. Contact Craig to see what P&J has to offer and to learn which P&J lot is best for you.